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1) BBQ Pumpkin Sandwich
2) Medi Tostada
3) Pumpkin Pie
4) Beet Cakes
5) Spinach Pasta Salad
6) Tomato Brazil Nut Soup
7) Pie Crust
8) Avo Maggie
9) Yam Coconut Curry Soup
10) Tahini Hummus
11) Garlic Mushrooms
12) Steamed Artichokes


These prints feature turtles of North Carolina.

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Click to enlarge (new window will open) Turtle sunning itself
A turtle suns itself on a log, its foot backlit in the sun and its clear reflection visible in the water.

(Regular price $89.00)
Print Item # TR09001
(Paypal or credit cards accepted)

Click to enlarge (new window will open) Turtle rests on log
A turtle rests on a log in mixed light, its reflection visible in the water below.

(Regular price $89.00)
Print Item # TR09002
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All prints shown here are large (10"x15") glossy photographs, unframed, and printed on archival quality, acid-free paper that should last many years under normal indoor lighting conditions. The color, exposure, and location of cropped edges may appear slightly different on the actual prints than shown in these smaller online images. The copyright watermark seen on the pictures below will NOT appear on the actual prints. All shipping costs within the US are included (for shipping abroad, contact before ordering). Shipping via US Postal Service, FedEx Ground, UPS, or other carrier depending on rates and size of order; all P.O. Box orders will be shipped via US Postal Service. Delivery typically takes 2-3 weeks, but could take up to 4 to 6 weeks depending on stock levels, print quality issues, or other delays.