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The Author

What's a Vegan?

Sample Recipes

1) BBQ Pumpkin Sandwich

2) Mediterranean Tostada

3) Vegan Pumpkin Pie

4) Beet Cakes

5) Spinach Pasta Salad

6) Tomato Brazil Nut Soup

7) Olive Oil Pie Crust

8) Avo Maggie

9) Yam Coconut Curry Soup

10) Hummus with Lemon

11) Garlic Mushrooms

12) Steamed Artichokes

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The classic vegan cookbook by Pam Rotella,
Vegan Vegetarian Cooking

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Vegan Vegetarian Cooking offers all-vegan recipes ranging from simple, quick meals to unique gourmet recipes.

Think Green - Vegan and vegetarian diets are better for the environment than a meat-based diet. It's the earth-friendly choice.

Healthy - Why bother cooking if the food isn't healthy? Vegan Vegetarian Cooking includes a healthy selection of fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and other whole foods easily found in any grocery store. Recipes are free of meat, dairy products, eggs, and refined sugar. None of the recipes include soy.

Simple - Vegan Vegetarian Cooking has many recipes that are easy enough for beginners. It's a good starter cookbook for young vegetarians, acquainting them with a variety of fresh, whole foods. Most recipes are short, with ingredients that are easy to find in most grocery stores. Instructions are simple and preparation time is kept to a minimum.

Holidays - Vegan Vegetarian Cooking includes vegan recipes for Thanksgiving dinner, such as a baked chick pea loaf to replace the turkey, bread stuffing with a colorful spice blend, fresh cranberry sauce, and a pumpkin pie sweetened with yams instead of refined sugar. The pie's crust is made with olive oil, rich in Omega-9 fatty acids (a heart-healthy fat), instead of trans fats!

Classic - Vegan Vegetarian Cooking is one of the oldest continuously-published vegetarian cookbooks on the market today. Written in 1997 and published in January of 1999, its timeless recipes start with fresh farm produce and other natural ingredients, all easily found then and now. Its recipes will continue to provide years of great cooking ideas.

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