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What's a Vegan?
Sample Recipes
1) BBQ Pumpkin Sandwich
2) Medi Tostada
3) Pumpkin Pie
4) Beet Cakes
5) Spinach Pasta Salad
6) Tomato Brazil Nut Soup
7) Pie Crust
8) Avo Maggie
9) Yam Coconut Curry Soup
10) Tahini Hummus
11) Garlic Mushrooms
12) Steamed Artichokes


Corrections to book Vegan Vegetarian Cooking

1.) Recipes that call for Worcestershire sauce refer to vegan varieties of Worcestershire, for example "Annie's Naturals Organic Worcestershire Sauce" or "The Wizard's Organic Original Vegan Worcestershire Sauce." Both are commonly found in health food stores or larger grocery stores.

For a PDF file copy of corrections that you can print and keep with the book, click here.

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